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They say money can’t buy happiness, but a recent study shows there are certain items you can buy that can actually improve your mood. Dr. Randall Bell tells TODAY that those items include greeting cards for others, tickets to sporting events and reading material. Dr. Bell also reveals that while money can buy happiness, happiness is not expensive!


What is a winning strategy? What leads up to a disaster or collapse? Why do some squander success, while others move forward? How do we build a solid foundation that assures solid, authentic growth?

The media calls me the “Master of Disaster.” I consulted on the World Trade Center, the BP Oil Spill, and Hurricane Katrina, as well as the JonBenet Ramsey and the OJ Simpson cases. Disasters can generate tremendous learning opportunities, and my true passion focuses on “Success Research.” I enjoy taking on challenges and finding real solutions. I also study those principles that are statistically correlated with genuine achievement.

When it comes to success, the most powerful strategic framework can be summed up simply as Me We Do Be:

  • Me is our mindset,
  • We is our relationships,
  • Do is our productivity, and
  • Be is our vision for the future

These four cornerstones come alive as I draw on experiences from Chernobyl, Antarctica, the Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Sites, and many other cases. I show how tiny things can lead to disaster, while simple adjustments bring success.

Me We Do Be establishes a solid foundation, and this perspective has helped generate billions of dollars for my clients.

Success means different things to different people. Whether speaking at a wealth management conference or volunteering at a homeless shelter, it is always a thrill to discuss the simple, powerful principles that bring authentic growth.

- Randall Bell, PhD

ABC’s 20/20 says that Dr. Bell is the nation’s foremost expert in his field. He has a PhD from Fielding and an MBA from UCLA. A TEDx Speaker and Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), he has delivered keynotes in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Dr. Bell is a dream for every media producer and event planner, as he researches his audience and delivers fun, intelligent insights on topics that are important to them.

Me We Do Be by Randall Bell PhD

Me We Do Be comes in the following versions:

Hardbound Audio Kindle

Dive, Survive or Thrive?

Dr. Bell reveals the simple choices that spell disaster or success!

An economist and sociologist, Dr. Randall Bell develops strategies to overcome problems and maximize peak performance. When it comes to real solutions, Dr. Bell gets the call. He has consulted on the World Trade Center, the Flight 93 crash site, the BP Oil Spill, Hurricane Katrina, OJ Simpson and hundreds of other cases. His work has brought billions of dollars to his clients to help rebuild lives, businesses and entire communities. Now Dr. Bell explains why some take a dive, some merely survive, while others truly thrive. The shocking answer lies in our tiny choices and habits!


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TED Talk features Dr. Bell and Me We Do Be

Dr. Bell was invited to present his research at a recent TED Talk. He discusses his unique background and the power of the Me We Do Be principles. Then, Dr. Bell then reveals why some dive, survive or thrive. He finishes with highlights of his unprecedented research.

TED Talk BYU Dr. Randall Bell

Secret Habits of the Super Rich

Australian morning TV show, "Sunrise Live" interviews Dr. Randall Bell as he reals the results of his "Secret Habits of the Super Rich" Study. His study covered over 5,000 people from Australia, the UK, the United States and Canada.

Do you have a Millionaire's Mindset?

Dr. Randall Bell describes in his interview with Fox News that we are 207% more likely to become a millionaire if we adopt certain daily habits such as making our bed every morning, picking up trash on the sidewalk. Little habits like picking up a book and reading is daily can have a huge long-term impact on the amount of wealth you generate as well as overall happiness.

World Happiness Report

Interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Dr. Bell discusses the World Happiness Report and why Norway was ranked as the happiest country.

Why was Norway the happiest? Dr. Bell tells us that it came down to health, income equality, and having a government they could trust.

Me We Do Be featured on

Dr. Bell tells us that 90% of life are habits. There are poor habits and rich habits, and we need to know the difference. Just as poor habits spread out and wreck entire communities, rich habits ripple out and create enormous success!

Dr. Bell talks to ABC’s Teresa Dufour

Connecticut Style heard about Me We Do Be and invited author Dr. Randall Bell to sit down with Teresa to discuss highlights of his #1 Amazon Bestseller.

Me We Do Be featured on FOX TV

Dr. Randall Bell talks with Fox News about the people behind the major disasters he's consulted on and what allows them to thrive post-disaster. He discusses the rich habits that help them get back on their feet and do something big with their lives and businesses.

Me We Do Be featured on ABC TV

Dr. Randall Bell explains why some people are able to thrive after a crisis, and tells us about his new book, Me We Do Be.

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