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The Pareto Principle
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“Strategic Thinking” is what separates the achiever from the non-achiever, the success from the failure and the rich from the poor.

Conventional thinking yields conventional results. On the other hand, strategic thinkers conscientiously think about every factor that goes into their plan, all the way from their core philosophies through the desired consequences. They are not “reactive thinkers” or those who simply react to things that come along.

Strategic thinkers have a clear overall plan which incorporates their vision, and that takes them from where they are now to achieving that mission. This is the mindset required for achievement.

In a typical group, the Pareto Principle of 80-20 applies to conventional verses exceptional thinking. About 80% of the people you meet are conventional thinkers. They have no written plan, and just deal with stuff as it comes up. They have no real ambition to change anything.

About 20% are strategic thinkers. They have a clear, written plan for both their business and life – and they review and update it often. As such, they enjoy a distinct competitive advantage over the conventional thinker.

Rich Habits Rich Life is a tool that strategic thinkers inevitably find to be valuable. It is designed to take them from where they are, to exactly where they want to be.

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