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The Magic of Showers
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Rich Habit #6: Get the Big Picture
Creating time for solitude not only clears your head and brings a higher degree of focus, but solitude correlates with education.

Those who seek daily solitude are up to 92.3 percent more likely to have an advanced college degree.

Often we hear someone say, I got this great idea in the shower this morning! What is it about showers? Is it the running water? Is it the fragrance from the soap? Is there some magic from shampoo bubbles? What is it about these little tiled stalls that generate some of the greatest thoughts of mankind?

The magic of showers is the absence of distraction. Showers are one of those rare times when we are separated completely—if only for a few minutes—from our phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and talkative friends. If there’s magic in the thoughts that come while we shower, it is that we’ve accidentally created an ideal setting for reflection and clear thinking.

How do we spread the magic of showers into the rest of our lives? For students, find a spot where you can think and study without disruption. For teachers, take a moment to think about the students and adjust your lesson plan. For parents, sneak away, read an inspiring book, and reflect on the meaning of raising a family. For anyone, just sit and stare at the ocean, a valley, or a river while thinking about what is important to you.

Many people know of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and his famous formula, E=mc2. What is less known is how he came to this and other remarkable discoveries. Einstein’s discoveries came as a result of a process he referred to as gifted isolation. For hours, days, and even weeks, Einstein’s routine was to go into seclusion and just think. He was obsessed with finding a formula that explained the science of the universe. Einstein knew that if he was going to reach his objective, he needed to eliminate all distractions and focus entirely upon his own thoughts. These periods of deep, personal reflection are the starting point of nearly every great pursuit.

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