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The Elevated Realm
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There is a distinct segment of the population that has intentionally chosen to live within what I call an “elevated realm.” These aren’t the loudest people. They aren’t always wealthy, and they aren’t always on the news.

Reflective thinking, kind acts, and authentic ethics dominate their daily rituals. They shun counterfeit highs and thrills almost as much as they are repelled by self-righteousness. They have discovered that a “helper’s high” is far more satisfying than accumulating more stuff. They clearly distinguish between need and greed and know that money has an important but limited role in a rich life.

The cumulative science and statistical evidence is clear: the greatest joy comes from an illuminated mind-set, kind and generous relationships with family and close friends, and making continual progress. Those in the elevated realm do not frantically chase money, social status, or an inflated image, but they naturally attract a balanced level of prosperity. They function best in a clean and organized environment and they treasure their health and their time. They play, laugh, and count their blessings. They honor the legacy of those who came before, and they do something to contribute to and build upon what they have been freely given.

You were born an original, so don’t die as a copy of what others want you to be. Make your mark. From my work with the world’s biggest crises to volunteering with homeless shelters and at-risk teenagers, I see that just one bad habit can spread out until it overwhelms everything. The great secret is that the opposite is just as true: one new good habit will ripple out until it entirely engulfs a life or an organization. This is the rich habit ripple. If you are not in the elevated realm you want, start by choosing just one new Me We Do Be habit. Make it simple and easy. Then do it honestly and repeatedly. It will take root and gradually grow until you are in an entirely new sphere—an elevated realm.

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