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The Formula to Success
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The Formula to Success: V+A=O2

All people can be divided into one of three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.

When we have a solid foundation, we are in a position to make things happen. The four cornerstones of all great pursuits are summed up as, Me We Do Be. The Me cornerstone is our mindset, We is our relationships, Do is our productivity and Be is building our future.

When it comes to our Me cornerstone mindset, social science has shown that there are clear relationships with our attitudes toward Events (E), Reactions (R), and Outcomes (O).

Event + Reaction = Outcome (E+R=O)

Developed by Dr. Robert Resnick, this formula explains the importance of our choices and reactions. There are continual events that come our way; however, how we react to them is what is critical. For example, if fattening food is offered (Event) and we eat it (Reaction), then we gain weight (Outcome). On the other hand, if fattening food is offered (Event) and we don’t eat it (Reaction), the outcome is that we don’t gain weight (Outcome). Furthermore, if a driver cuts us off (Event) and we get full of road rage (Reaction) there could be a horrible confrontation (Outcome). Yet, if we just let it go (Reaction), we can just continue having a good day (Outcome).

We do not control events; we only control our reactions. This is a critically important observation. Some people blame the event for a bad outcome, but the blame lies with our reactions. Successful people do not blame an event, but take full responsibility for their own behaviors and reactions.

While reactions are important, actions are even more so. A friend once told me, “We make our own fun.” This is a powerful concept. We can just sit there and wait for something to happen, or we can create our own opportunities for fun, or anything else. In other words, we can make our own Vision (V) and take Action (A).

Vision + Action = Outcome Enhanced (V+A=O2)

Whether we choose good reactions to those events that come our way, or create our own vision and put them into action, our outcomes will be enhanced.

To learn more about the Me cornerstone, read my article that appeared in Success Magazine at http://www.success.com/article/pick-up-these-6-me-habits-to-be-a-better-you.

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