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Me We Do Be

Randall Bell, PhD

What is a winning strategy? What leads up to a disaster or collapse? Why do some squander success, while others continue to elevate? How do we build a solid foundation that assures solid, authentic growth?

The Power of Rich Habits!

If you want to be successful, you have to do what successful people do. Watch this 60-second video now!

Me We Do Be is the result of research that has spanned over 25 years at the intersection of sociology and economics. In Me We Do Be, Dr. Randall Bell masterfully interweaves classic behavioral research with his work on high-profile cases - including Chernobyl, the World Trade Center and OJ Simpson - to reveal why some dive, some survive and while others thrive.

On top of this, over 5,000 professionals, students, stay-at-home moms, retirees, unemployed and millionaires around the world participated in the Rich Habits survey.

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Me We Do Be by Randall Bell PhD

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90% of Life is Habits. Make them rich habits.

"For 25 years, I have consulted on more disasters around the world than anyone in history. Just as poor habits wreck entire communities, rich habits ripple out and create enormous success. “Rich” means “an abundance of good” and my mission is to expand the research on “rich habits.” - Dr. Randall Bell

Rich Habits Rich Life book
TED Talk BYU Dr. Randall Bell


Dr. Bell was invited to present his research at a recent TED Talk. He discusses his unique background and the power of the Me We Do Be principles. Then, Dr. Bell reveals why some dive, survive or thrive. He finishes with highlights of his unprecedented research.


Dr. Randall Bell describes in his interview with WSJ that we are more likely to become rich if we adopt certain daily habits. Little habits like making yoru bed and reading daily can have a huge long-term impact on the amount of wealth you generate.


Australian morning national TV show, "Sunrise Live" interviews Dr. Randall Bell as he reveals the results of his "Rich Habits" study. His research covers much more than money and included a survey of over 5,000 people from Australia, the UK, the United States and Canada.


Dr. Randall Bell describes in his interview with Fox News that we are 207% more likely to become a millionaire if we adopt certain daily habits such as making our bed every morning, picking up trash on the sidewalk. Little habits like picking up a book and reading daily can have a huge long-term impact on the amount of wealth you generate as well as overall happiness.


Interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Dr. Bell discusses the World Happiness Report and why Norway was ranked as the happiest country.

Why was Norway the happiest? Dr. Bell tells us that it came down to health, income equality, and having a government they could trust.


Dr. Bell tells us that 90% of life are habits. There are poor habits and rich habits, and we need to know the difference. Just as poor habits spread out and wreck entire communities, rich habits ripple out and create enormous success!


Connecticut Style heard about Me We Do Be and invited author Dr. Randall Bell to sit down with Teresa to discuss highlights of his #1 Amazon Bestseller.


Dr. Randall Bell describes in his interview with Fox News that we are 207% more likely to become a millionaire if we adopt certain daily habits such as making our bed every morning, picking up trash on the sidewalk. Little habits like picking up a book and reading daily can have a huge long-term impact on the amount of wealth you generate as well as overall happiness.


Dr. Randall Bell explains why some people are able to thrive after a crisis, and tells us about his new book, Me We Do Be.


When some people think of success, they think of money. Dr. Randall Bell explains that there are so many other ways of definining success.


Dr. Randall Bell describes how we are more likely to become successful if we adopt certain daily habits.


Why do some people dive, some survive and others thrive? Bell, a socio-economist and the CEO of Landmark Research Group, has developed an easy-to-follow formula for authentic growth and success based upon 25 years of behavioral research.

Randall Bell PhD - Rich Habits Speaker

In this book, you will learn the
Four Cornerstones of All Great Pursuits:

  • Why some dive, some survive while others thrive!

  • Me habits that build wisdom and intellect

  • We habits that build relationships

  • Do habits that build productivity

  • Be habits that build the future

90% of Life is Habits!

Our habits include when we get up, what we eat, how we drive, and how we think. There are poor habits and rich habits, and we need to know the difference. Just as poor habits spread out and cause disasters, rich habits ripple out and create enormous success. This handout expands this discussion with your family, co-workers and members of your organization!


Randall Bell PhD - Rich Habits Handout

The Small Will Survive and Thrive

We cannot allow the new and the flashy to distract us from what endures

It’s easy to forget the small things. Often, as people advance in their careers and in the hierarchy of an organization, they get better and better at thinking big and forget to think small.


Revealed: The Eight Simple Things Happy People Do EVERY Day

(and how you can squeeze them all into your own routine)

Dr Randall Bell, an economist and sociologist from Laguna Beach, California, discovered happy people practise certain habits that contribute to their overall well-being.


How Simple Stuff Lifts Mood in Numbers

FORGET about feeling down in the dumps - it is possible to look forward to each and EVERY day no matter what you're doing.

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Praise for Me We Do Be

Read some of the feedback below.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful book because it brought to mind something my father, the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey, would often say: “Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with enduring principles and values and in no other way.” Me We Do Be does exactly that. Based on the Four Cornerstones of “Me We Do Be,” Bell brilliantly reveals how cultivating the right “habits” can not only enrich and improve your life and give you peace of mind, but doing so can save you from the destructiveness, dissatisfaction, and danger of a life floundering to and fro like a ship without a rudder. Backed by research and highly practical, this book is tremendously relevant today! "
- Stephen M. R. Covey – New York Times Bestselling Author of The Speed of Trust and Co-author of Smart Trust

"Eye-opening . . . Randall Bell’s Rich Habits Rich Life is as inspiring as Napoleon Hill’s classic Think & Grow Rich. "
- Steve Alten – New York Times Bestselling Author

"From the homeless to the billionaires, Me We Do Be helps us all understand the true meaning of success and how to attain it in our own lives. This book is creative, beautifully written, and based on solid scientific and personal research. Pick up a copy. It’s a winner. "
- Donald T. Phillips – Bestselling Author, Lincoln on Leadership

"Our life is made up mostly of our habits. Therefore we’d better choose them mindfully and cultivate them wisely. In this brilliant book Randall Bell picks for us the (demonstrably) most beneficial habits in all domains of life—from inner to social to environmental to financial. I couldn’t put the book down. "
- Dr. Piero Ferrucci – Bestselling Author, The Power of Kindness

"Me We Do Be should be given to every incoming freshman at orientation. It’s a bible of brilliant information that’s beneficial in and out of college."
- Rudy Chavarria, Jr. – Founder, College Web Media

"A fascinating blend of personal anecdotes from Dr. Bell's vast professional experience interspersed with powerful quotes, insights and a timeless list of valuable habits designed to improve ANY life. There are many golden nuggets in here."
- Robert G. Allen - #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire

"Me We Do Be shows how the little things we do can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life; it’s that one small adjustment that can make the difference between winning and losing. Read, learn, and act on the great information provided in this book."
- Bob Proctor – Bestselling Author, You Were Born Rich

"Dr. Bell, with his fascinating graduate and professional training in both Sociology and Economics has a unique perspective on the internal and external driving forces that create success or failure in our lives . . . and our culture. The opening of his book automatically captured my attention with the promise of drawing links between many of the seminal events that have shaken our nation in recent years and thus offering the potential of providing some answers as to “WHY?” which he does with consummate skill. This is a work we should all take a look at, both in terms of our personal lives but in a broader sense, the potentially dangerous trajectory our nation is on as well and how to change that course."
- William R. Forstchen – New York Times Bestselling Author

"Randall Bell shares with us a winning strategy for being successful in our life. He breaks this strategy down into four easy-to-implement tools to quickly jump start your success. I especially enjoyed the We technique because it makes a challenging principle easy to understand and implement. Great read, great success tools!"
- Ed Sykes – Author, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, The Sykes Group

Me We Do Be - on the Radio

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Me We Do Be - Survey

Read more about the Rich Habits Survey.

Four Cornerstones Of All Great Pursuits


We Only Build as Tall as our Foundation

This landmark research scientifically correlates everyday habits with various measures of success, such as education, wealth, quality relationships and an overall sense of happiness – making it one of the most important sociological studies ever conducted.

Me We Do Be reveals that just as one bad habit can ripple out until a life is destroyed; it is also true that one new good habit can ripple out and create something magnificent. Some simple habits such as making our beds, having dinner as a family or waving at neighbors can actually have profound impacts.

Me We Do Be also reveals that all behaviors can be organized within the four cornerstones of me we do be. Me refers to habits that build quality thinking and wisdom, We habits build relationships, “do” habits build productivity and Be habits build the future. Me We Do Be “connects the dots” and creates a fresh perspective for achievement.

Obviously, some people define success as making money. Others see success as having a happy family life, finding true love or winning a competition. Some define success as contributing to a worthy cause, completing a degree, or mastering a musical instrument. Others view success as beating cancer, connecting with the divine or healing from an emotional wound. There is no one-size-fits-all for success. Me We Do Be lets us define what success means to us individually. But in so doing, it looks at the foundational elements that apply to us all.

Me We Do Be delivers fun, interesting and intelligent insights into those behaviors that lead to disaster, recovery or prosperity. The nation’s top achievers agree, Me We Do Be delivers the authentic, scientifically-based framework for authentic growth.

This is the one book you will want everyone in your family, organization and business to read!

Rich Habits Survey

Over 5,000 people from all 50 states participated in Dr. Bell’s landmark sociological study.

They were asked about their daily habits and five measures of success. The results were analyzed using regression and word-frequency analysis. With a survey margin of error of only 2.56%, this study provides remarkable insights into daily routines that have profound impacts. Here is a sample of findings.

Rich Habits Income Study

Rich Habit #22 - Enjoy Dinner as a Family

Those who have sit-down dinners with their families are 40.7% more likely to be happy, over those who do not and 60.8% more likely to be satisfied with their romantic life. They are also 43.6% more likely to earn over $100,000 annually.

Rich Habits Net Worth Study

Rich Habit #31 - Make Your Bed

Those who do their chores and keep their living space more tidy tend to also make more money. For example, those who make their bed in the morning are up to 206.8% more likely to be millionaires, as compared to those who have a negative net worth.

Rich Habits Wealth Study

Rich Habit #43 - Check the Time

Those who maintain both a calendar and “to do” list are 289.3% more likely to be millionaires, as compared with those who have no real set schedule.

Rich Habits Rich Life book