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Learn Essential Life and Leadership Skills for FREE. Core IQ’s on-line training is a volunteer effort of a group of business and community leaders. Our mission is to provide quality on-line leadership training – at no cost. Our objective is to reach over 25 million people in 120 countries.

We have successfully provided training and development resources to everyone from students to CEO’s, including courses on goal setting, communication, time management, decision making and more. These principles have proven effective in the board room, court room, classroom and even the family room.

Core IQ was founded by Dr. Randall Bell, who developed the concept in the 1980’s as a graduate student at UCLA. Later, he used these principles when he led a national practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers. These principles were so successful, he brought billions of dollars of benefits to his clients. Today, Core IQ’s advisory board meets annually to develop and enhance our free on-line training and curriculum.

Take the Core IQ assessment and get your Core IQ score. Then browse our site and take online courses to elevate your score.


As a parent, I want my kids to develop leadership and strategic skills to build their futures. Is the Core IQ training age appropriate for students?

Yes. While Core IQ uses core leadership and strategic skills for top business professionals, it is presented in a format that anyone from high-school age on up can use. During our training, we frequently have CEO's and students - along with professionals and parents - all developing their strategic skills side by side, and with great results.

I use the Core IQ training. Can I add my testimonial or make a suggestion for more training?

We always enjoy hearing from those who have implemented the Core IQ training. Just drop us a line on our contact page.

What are the Four Cornerstones?

The “four cornerstones” are an innovation developed within the Core IQ training materials, which are Me We Do Be:

Me skills build quality thinking
We skills build relationships
Do skills build productivity
Be skills build the future

What are the topics for the online training?

There are dozens of resources and courses offered by the Core IQ which fall under the four cornerstones of Me We Do Be. They are all offered at no cost.

1. Core IQ: The Fundamentals for Authentic Growth

Me: Skills that Build Wisdom
2. Get the Big Picture: Developing Your Mission Statement
3. Do the Homework: Research & Study Skills
4. That’s the Spirit! Getting a Positive Vibe

We: Skills that Build Relationships
5. Think “Team Sport”: Synergizing
6. Get the Word Out: Communication Skills
7. Spice It Up! Enjoying Your Unique Culture
8. Conflict Resolution: Getting to a Solution

Do: Skills that Build Productivity
9. Add Value: The Laws of Financial Fitness
10. Keep in Shape: Fitness for Life
11. Enjoy the View: Beautifying Your Space

Be: Skills that Build the Future
12. Pick a Target: Goal Setting Skills
13. Make It Happen: Time Management
14. Build a Legacy: Making It Matter

What is Core IQ?

Core IQ are those life skills we all need, but are not generally taught in school. This includes topics like goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, negotiation, study skills, personal finances and many more. We are constantly adding new videos, worksheets and other resources to build our Core IQ.

The Core IQ test is a self-assessment developed by Dr. Bell and other business and community leaders. It is a measure of the core skills to function successfully in business and life.

This test identifies our strengths and weaknesses to help with self-development. Scores can be enhanced through study, training and development. There is no charge for taking or retaking the Core IQ assessment test or any of the on-line training resources.

Core IQ is a volunteer effort of business and community leaders. This powerful training system helps organize all of the key issues facing professionals, teachers and students. It delivers practical skills that everyone can use in developing an effective game plan.

The Core IQ education is Socratic, so you develop the game plan that is right for you.

What is Leadership?

At Core IQ we define “leadership” as the ability to positively influence the team, community or organization. There is a distinct difference between position and leadership. Those who follow a set process are workers or managers. Leaders set a course that influences and elevates a group. True leadership has little to do with title. Leadership is having a mission and setting an example that others will instinctively want to follow.

What is Strategy 360?

Strategy 360 is a proprietary tool developed within the Core IQ:

Strat-e-gy 360 [strat-e-je 360] n. A commanding view in all directions of one’s game plan. 2. The condition where one has identified and addressed all key facets of life and business. 3. A complete vision. 4. A clear plan, methodology or series of steps for achieving a specific objective. 5. Complete evaluation through long-range thought and planning.

Strategy 360 worksheets build upon the “four cornerstones” and facilitate a comprehensive assessment. Many business plans have been developed using this model.

What is the Cost for the Core IQ Online Training?

Absolutely FREE - no catch. The on-line training, resources and handouts are provided at no charge. The cost for this training is funded by a private effort to elevate our schools, businesses and communities.

What is the philosophy behind the Core IQ's on-line training?

Our philosophy is that any intelligent person can learn the foundational elements of leadership and strategic thinking. Similar to the Harvard case study method used in many business schools, the Core IQ utilizes interesting case studies and discussions to bring the principles alive.

What is your privacy policy?

Our policy is simple. We respect your privacy and never share your information or email address with anyone.


COre IQ Training

How Does It Work?

It's very simple. Here are the steps to making Core IQ the most effective online personal development training system you've ever tried:

1. Take the Core IQ Test. Click here to take the FREE online test. Your test results will be emailed to you. Your results will show you the areas where you need improvement and where you should focus your training.

2. Begin the Training on the Core IQ Training page. Click here to go to Core IQ Training. The Training page has videos and downloadable .pdf handouts for dozens of courses on dozens of topics. Choose the ones that interest you the most or start with the ones in the areas where you scored the lowest on the Core IQ quiz.

3. Implement the concepts into your life! Try out the concepts in real-life situations at home, in relationships and at work.

4. Come back at any time and re-take the Core IQ quiz to see where you have improved or where you still need improvement.


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