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Core IQ goes beyond the typical IQ score. The Core IQ test and online training courses consist of the cumulative aptitude that includes intelligence along with philosophical spiritual, sociological, physical, financial, developmental and other aptitudes. Core IQ’s on-line training is completely free and available to everyone. Our mission is to provide quality on-line leadership training – at no cost. We invite you to start with the Core IQ quiz and then move on to the training videos and downloadable study guides located on our Training Page.

Core IQ

The Core IQ Test is a free online quiz that gives you a visual snapshot of your core strengths, personality and areas for potential growth. Core IQ Training is a growing series of online training videos and handouts to help you cultivate new habits that lead to a richer life and increase your Core IQ!

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Me We Do Be Book

Me We Do Be by Randall Bell, PhD explores the Core IQ principles in depth. Bell gives real-life examples of how everyday habits can transform a homeless man or a million dollar corporation. Endorsed by several New York Times Best-Selling authors, this is a book for everyone.

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Keynote Speaking

As featured in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and every major TV network, Dr. Randall Bell is a popular keynote speaker around the globe. He reveals the rich habits that are proven to elevate our Core IQ, using a mix of scientific surveys, classic behavioral studies and insights from his unparalleled research.

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Core IQ: A Non-Profit Educational Foundation

Core IQ are the life skills that everyone needs, but are generally not taught in our schools or universities. This includes goal setting, time management, negotiation, personal finance and so forth. On a weekly basis, we are continually adding more educational videos, blog posts, worksheets and other educational resources.

A non-profit educational foundation, Core IQ was founded by Dr. Randall Bell. For over 25 years, Dr. Bell has consulted on hundreds of disasters, including the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, OJ Simpson and Jon Benet Ramsey.

Core IQ was inspired by the people behind the statistics, who were able to not only take on their challenges, but bounce back and thrive. Today, many high achievers volunteer to produce on-line training videos and other resources to build our Core IQ.

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Dr. Randall Bell, PhD Interview on ABC

Author Dr. Bell explains why some people recover from a crisis situation and why others don't in his new book, Me We Do Be.

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